The Intermaket Relationships Analysis


Intermarket Relationships Analysis


The IMRA focuses on analyzing the equity markets, giving you more time to focus on making sales.

The Intermarket Relationship Analysis is a daily review of global market trends established in 2000. It focuses on the SP 500 market, and branches out to consider major players in other major markets and the ETFs.

The IMRA is unique. It combines creative, historically informed analysis with an experienced understanding of market trends, and delivers it to you in plain language. Reading the IMRA is like reading your trusted, experienced friend’s insight into where the markets are headed.

The IMRA’s roots stretch back into the 80’s when a young broker’s market analysis was passed from desk to desk and made its way into the Bank of Canada. Bored with sales but still fascinated by the markets, that broker went on to establish the IMRA in 2000. It has been faithfully published every day before the Canadian and American markets open for over 18 years.



I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading your column. It’s always the first thing I read and I read lots of stuff. Your insights are amazing...some of the stuff I always knew intuitively from trading experience but you have explained inter relationships in the markets so they are indelibly etched in my brain. I was one of the best pit traders ever at the CBOE but that type of trading (short term) actually stunted my growth as a long term trend follower. I honestly believe if I had started reading your insights 30 years ago, I would have made tons more money speculating long term.
— RR


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